Cities from all over the world actually -at least those I have visited -and I try to visit when and if I can! There are so much goodies for my lense in cities..
Most of the photos are from the cities close to me though; Fredrikstad where I live and others in Østfold; Sarpsborg, Moss, Halden... and those are the albums that will be updated most often I guess..

New photos Sept 14 2021


One of my very favorite subjects! I love all the shapes, exciting details and elements in industrial areas, landscapes and plants!
I try to travel some and reach whatever I can to find new and interesting industrial areas.

New photos October 10 2021
(New album; Tour in the FMV area. More photos to come later)

Facades, buildings, constructions

The shapes and shining in heavy steel constructions are always a pleasure to watch and photograph. I'm also a huge fan of decay beauty! -'listening' to what old abandoned houses, buildings and so have to 'say' is interesting and gives me peace of mind actually..
Here I have gathered what I have found from where ever I have been.

New photos Sept 14 2021

Trains and rails

I love trains! Have loved them as long as I can remember! Also the rails they travel on are fascinating.. -even those -or specially those rusty ones that's no longer in use..
Then we have old rusty wagons, old locomotives with a lot to tell me.. -and of course new beauties too.

New photos June 12 2021

Vehicles, boats & machinery

All boys -and some girls maybe ) -young or old -love these categories! -me too! So here you will find what I have found of beautiful or ugly -old or new -even decay on their way back to nature.... -anything that runs on wheels and also anything mechanical even if it stand still..

New photos October 03 2021

Street shots, People

Street shots are mostly photos of people and their daily lives in the streets, public places and so. Often so called ‘candids’ where they don’t know that they play a main part in the photo. I do this kind of ‘hunting’ from time to time as I find it so interesting to ‘freeze’ attitudes, expressions and so -and all the different, charming characters out there.. Now, if YOU should find yourself in one of my photos please know that you are there because I found you an interesting, fine person. But if you do not approve, please send me a note and I will remove the image!
(Gi meg beskjed dersom du ser deg selv på disse sidene og ikke ønsker å befinne deg der!)

New photos January 26 2021


Travelling is fun and important... -for mental and psychical health -but most important -nice photos! 
Must admit that you will find some so called 'holiday shots' here -but I DO try to reach other destinations and subjects too -where ever I am...

New photos (Refreshed from Gran Canaria 2012) June 22 2021

Landscapes & forests

Landscapes and forests -from Norway mostly -both from our northern parts and from Østfold, my county.
Here you find also so called Man made landscapes -industrial included. 

New photos Sept 27 2021

Seascapes & coastlines

I mostly live by the sea in the summertime -at Hvaler, Norway. I do quite some shooting around there -but I also try to visit or stop at other places along or on some beautiful sea.

New photos Sept 27 2021

Miscellaneous photos

Sometimes -or quite often actually -I find subjects that's hard to put in a specific category -but what I see 'speaks to me' anyway -and in a way that I just have to bring it home with me ) -Such photos goes here -along with 'street art' - 'mood' - 'abstract' and 'Photoshop-fun' or digital art generally...

New photos Oct 10 2021 

Attractions, action & sport

Beauty, recreation, sport, action.. are the subjects you find here. Parks, show, ice hockey and fairgrounds are the main attractions..

New photos July 13 2021

Villages and small places

The title says it all. Here I will show photos from those small, idyllic and nice places I visit.

New photos: Sept 04 2021

Scanned, old photos

Old photos I have scanned from hard copies or slides.

New photos January 15 2021

Close nature

I used to shoot a lot of flowers and plants earlier.. also insect along with it -searching for the closest in our nature..
Not to much of such any more though so mostly there is older stuff here.. But it still happens that I find something real beautiful..

New photos April 22 2021

Birds and animals

Actually I very seldom 'shoot' birds or animals -but sometimes when me and my camera stumble upon some fun or beautiful creature -of course I use my chance!

New photos Sept 28 2020