Refreshing older photos

Sometimes you may want to take a closer look at older photos. Then you might find that there has previously been a tricky or poor job of processing - or that with a little processing -a previously unattractive picture becomes quite ok anyway!

Here I have a collection from 2011 that I think benefited from a round in Photoshop. They are of course released in their respective albums - but I thought it was ok to show them together here as well.


Noen ganger kan det være lurt å ta en grundigere kikk på eldre bilder. Da finner man kanskje ut at det tidligere har vært gjort en snodig eller dårlig jobb med bearbeiding -eller at MED litt bearbeiding blir et tidligere uinteressant bilde ganske så bra likevel!

Her har jeg en samling fra 2011 som jeg fant at hadde godt av en runde i Photoshop. De er selvsagt lagt ut i sine respektive album -men greit å vise dem samlet her også.

Isegran, Fredrikstad / A bleak and moody atmosphere

Old 'art-work'

2 old gents in Crete

Wrecks from Crete - For some reason I earlier split this image in 2 and added a strange light effect.. Now it's more like it -I think.

Seut Mech. - Old -now demolished shipyard

FMV - Abandoned shipyard

A couple of bird-photos I came to enjoy -anyway! The love-birds are specially cute )

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