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I remember those small tivolis / fairgrounds from my childhood -and I still enjoythem a lot -people enjoying and kids havig fun ) BUT these days I enjoy them even more when they are empty or close to it! -that strange mix of emptiness and joy is really thrilling.. Some friends on flickr gave me this inspiration -some take a lot of such photos.. and whe I get the chance now I try too -Like these little series from my home place; Greåker.

The album Fairgrounds

Posted today; the first 2 images from the charming old railway station in Sørumsand, Norway. The grand, old steam loc & wagons ‘Tertitten’ is running there from time to time in the summers -as a public attraction. I will post photos of that train too later.. But I was happy to find also some of my fav subjects here too; rusty, almost hidden rails and station details from ole times!..

Check out my ‘Trains, stations and rails’ album.

On trip a few miles further north (than Greåker) in Norway -Sørumsand -I stopped by the old railroad station. A small train with a steam loc is running there summer times -but that day it was not there og course. BUT they were preparing a show later on so I got a few shots of the actors before moving on.. The next day I was just in time to catch the old train passing too! 🙂 .. so -more from this fabulous place later… 

Have a look at the album ‘misc. street shots’ for now..

Yes cars! -I love them I must admit.. -Not that I go around shooting them in the streets but when I come across some old, wrecks or classics.. or just a funny one -I pull my camera out of the bag! (I use my phone if I don’t have anything else)

The first one to the left here is a Ford 17 or 20M -and I used to have one quite like it in back in younger days -early 70’s -a beautiful and good car it was! Both these I found on a drive / walk in Greåker -not far from where I live! -a lucky find!

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Greåker -where I live -just a small place very close to Sarpsborg -but actually quite big in industry -specially old plants. Guess I over the years have been so used to see most of it -but I recently learned that I’ve been passing some without noticing! A dear flickr friend and clever photographer -Astrid Westvang -have been visiting this areas a few times though and done quite some great shots! -and by that helped me find more treasures right outside my door -after I saw her flickr posts! Thanks Astrid! -you have ‘guided’ me earlier too -in my own territory..;)..

Album; industry Sarpsborg area

Check out the industry areas, plants and landscape in Sarpsborg, Greåker and surroundings:

I love to shoot many of those fun, strange or storytelling objects or places I just might stumble upon when out waking a bit or driving. Here I also had my cellphone only and was waiting for a hairdresser to open an early morning close to where I live.. I find such empty playgrounds very moody. The light was awful that day but some effort in PS saved the image -I think.

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There is a parliamentary election coming up very soon in Norway -and this is a wagon where we can wote.. as you can see -most crowdy! 🙂

Real nice trailer though…!!…

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Wow! -another post already in my Blog! -I’m good!..:)
Sarpsborg -the city where I live. I am always trying to find new interesting subjects in my closest surroundings -buildings like this in special! And this time I did not have any camera with me -but always my cellphone.. and today’s phones actually shoot decent photos most of the time. So ok that I did not bother take a new one with my EOS or so..

Check out the Sarpsborg album