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Today I found this photo from a trip to Skeikampen, Norway – 2015.. -and found I had not showed it on my flickr site yet.. As I mostly like to add urban or industry shots there I thought and hoped this might be nice there as a change 🙂 ..
Peer Gynt Mountain Road is open only in the summer season, normally from the beginning of June. This trip I did in first of october. Lovely autumn colours that time of year..

Norwegian landscapes -misc.

The subject ‘Man made / altered landscape’ is something I too often forget -I think -to stop and photograph when out driving for instance.. On this drive to Sørumsand I did stop though to shoot this fun sign and the charming old building. I also thought the big Ferris wheel at Momarken fairground looked nice rising in and among the autumn trees…
I would like to go more for such suburban, mundane landscape shots in the future -and see how it comes out..

Man altered (suburban) landscapes

Going about a year back in time today Oct 15 -to a trip to Mellerud, Sweden Nov 2016. On my way there I saw this ‘camp’ along the road and stepped on the brakes ).. Did not see a soul there -A new shed (not the one you see 🙂 was close by but still it looked abandoned.. and nothings more exciting! These 2 campers caught my eye plus some other mess around the place.. Got a couple of shots.. More from ‘on the road’ at:

Vehicles and trailers


On the same place I could not resist this lovely ‘train stop’ with the nice mix of mess 🙂 Check out my album:

Misc. eye catching …..

On my way home -Sep 2017 I again went through Sørumsand in hope to see the charming old steam loc ‘Tertitten’.. and was I lucky! 🙂 Just as I parked my car the train was about to go for one of it’s short trips around in the town -with a few people in lovely, old wagons.. all just for the fun of it of course. And the loc was steaming up and getting ready! A few more photos will come later too in the album:

Trains, stations and rails

Guess you all guess that this is not real 🙂 .. that’s why I allow myself such a bizarre title..)..
Sometimes when I’m not out hunting much with my camera I still find great pleasure in ‘messing’ with Photoshop.. I’m no expert in any way and the results are a bit various -BUT fun it is and that’s the main thing! This work is done from royalty-free images found on the net.

My PS-fun album

I always hope to find one or of unusual, old or strange objects when I’m around walking or driving -in well known -or new places specially of course. When visiting Sørumsand I came across this fabulous old petrol pump inside the railways station area! It represent exactly what I’m talking about! 🙂 I could feel my excitement right way! -a lucky day ) and took a lot of shots.. but this one become my fav.. I even put it in 2 albums; where I usually put such Misc. objects -and in the Train & stations album.