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March 20, 2018 I had to drive 3 hours up north here in Norway to the Elverum area in Hedmark.In order to collect a new fridge needed in my camper at Hvaler. So.. not a photo-trip actually but of course I don't go that far without my camera! So even if it was a rather hasty trip I was lucky. Discovered an old industry plant in Jømne; Jømna Brug. I also passed frozen power plant -and when taking a wrong but most lucky turn ) I even passed our grand old distillery Løiten Brænderi! 

As usual most of the shots are also to be found in my other albums -but collected here.

Isegran is a small ‘corner’ by the Glomma river -in the middle of Fredrikstad city, Norway. A visit there almost never fails -so of course I take a little walk there from time to time. And this day; feb 22 2018 I was real lucky! Discovered a small area I had not seen earlier.. a big boathouse with an old boat wreck -and a small hut outside. Very nice for me and my camera!..)..
Most of the photos here can also be found in other albums.

Some impulsive visits are often the best ones.. like this day when I decided to visit an old, well known area in one of my home towns: Fredrikstad. I discover that it’s both good and important to revisit places you have enjoyed earlier again -as we often see things from another perspective or with ‘new’ experienced eyes 🙂 -Places can change too -more or less. Beside -this old shipyard is soon to be all gone I’ve heard 🙁 -so I will memorize it like this the best I can…. There are also quite a lot of shots from around there in my other albums –Fredrikstad or Industry Fredrikstad # 1 or # 2!

On my last trip to Puerto Rico Dec 2017 – Jan 18 I came across this interesting place there.. well -‘came across’ isn’t quite true as I knew it was there from earlier -seen it for years actually -but didn’t think of going there taking photos until now! Can you believe!! -It’s this thing about being blind to places you pass but don’t see
Anyway -it’s an abandoned amusement park! Did not pay off I guess so they closed it.. I saw the sign outside that something else was finally going to come there -so I ‘woke up’ and shot some photos. It was no problem getting into one area but others were closed though.
I got the sense of a battlefield in there…. exciting! 🙂

These photos might be found in different albums too -but here they can be seen in one collection.

Feb 07:
The same day as under; Jan. 30. -I also wen to the docks in Fredrikstad to catch some winter atmosphere.. Charming boat details is what caught my eye just then -but also the light and frost along the Glomma river..

Follow both my: Fredrikstad # 2  album and my Boats album.

Feb 06:
Driving my wife to the city of Fredrikstad now and then can have it’s advantages.. This morning the light and tones were just right! -and there was also some light mist coming and going… So I actually brought back home a few good shots that day; Jan. 30.

Follow my album: Fredrikstad # 3 for more later on

A trip to Gran Canaria have become sort of a tradition for me -in late December and about the half of January. So also this time; Dec 2017 & Jan 2018. As usual the places are the areas of Puerto Rico and Arguineguin. 

Being there so many times one should think there is not much more to shoot -but when concentrating on more wall, building details and so -in the villages -I actually did find some new stuff! 

I also visited an abandoned amusement park / pool and fun area -and got some interesting decay shots from there.. -will be shown later on.. Just a few shots presented at this time but more will come the next days! 😉

My album; Gran Canaria 2018

I talk far too much about my health these days I guess.. but this is a fine place to let some steam out ) .. -as I really thought it was enough to have a bad back preventing me from doing much photo hunting -walking.. But I’m also struggling some bronchitis these days.. heavy breath..
So! -then it’s best to take it easy and check on some oldies -and see if they need some Photoshop brushing up. And I did find some from my trips to China back in 2011!
Uploaded a few today and more will come in this album first:

Ningbo, China

On a day late in November I went for a short drive to Torp & Sellebakk -places very close to where I live. Just to see if something useful for my camera might show up. There’s a walk path along the east side of the river Glomma there. Though walking is not too good for me these days -due to his bad back I’m struggling with -I stopped the car here and there for short visits down to the path. And since long walks are bad -I must do the most and best out of the short ones I manage -and use my eyes real well! )

I actually did find a few nice views that day -and also a couple of exciting elements. I will add those findings in the album link below the next few days:

Østfold coastline (Glomma river)

I visited Karlstad in Sweden for the first time in 2012 -then I was back there this year -mainly to watch a great hockey game between Färjestad and Djurgården -an anniversary match actually! -and one fabulous experience it was!! Full arena and a breathtaking atmosphere!! 🙂
But I also managed to sneak some time for a few photos around town.. even though I also this time went with friends..).. Only one for now, but:

My album Karlstad will be updated in the next days with those.

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