Hvaler in the start of september 2020

September 08 2020 I went for a drive around in a couple of the Hvaler islands -where I spend my weekends and other relaxing days.. It's actually fascinating what a diversity one can find for the camera at Hvaler. Both off shore and on shore.


08.09.2020 tok jeg en ny liten biltur rundt på ett par av Hvaler-øyene -hvor jeg tilbringer helger og andre fridager. Egentlig er det fascinerende hvilket mangfold man finner av motiver på Hvaler. Både på land og til sjøs:

A windy day it was.. could enjoy a couple of surfers at Brattestø

-at the very same place; such a peaceful mood behind the pier..

On the way to 'Viker-havn' I passed this strange 'camp'

-it was actually a farm -and a bit further up the road I saw these beauties -mom and kid. You can see mom telling the little one I am just a friend 😉

Viker-havn is fisher-mens harbor..

-some of them are also collecting old busses it seems ) .. Like I said -I might find anything at Hvaler!

In the forest on my way home.. some interesting decay!

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