What also showed up in Vaterland that other day!

Just as I was walking around looking for more old houses or strange things that I have overlooked earlier in this exciting area -this old US car came slooooowly around the corner! I took this shot from my hip -in a hurry )..  But the guys in it were real nice and said I could take some more photos when after they parked near by -and I did! So more to come here:

Vehicles & trailers


Yes cars! -I love them I must admit.. -Not that I go around shooting them in the streets but when I come across some old, wrecks or classics.. or just a funny one -I pull my camera out of the bag! (I use my phone if I don’t have anything else)

The first one to the left here is a Ford 17 or 20M -and I used to have one quite like it in back in younger days -early 70’s -a beautiful and good car it was! Both these I found on a drive / walk in Greåker -not far from where I live! -a lucky find!

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