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On my way home -Sep 2017 I again went through Sørumsand in hope to see the charming old steam loc ‘Tertitten’.. and was I lucky! 🙂 Just as I parked my car the train was about to go for one of it’s short trips around in the town -with a few people in lovely, old wagons.. all just for the fun of it of course. And the loc was steaming up and getting ready! A few more photos will come later too in the album:

Trains, stations and rails

Posted today; the first 2 images from the charming old railway station in Sørumsand, Norway. The grand, old steam loc & wagons ‘Tertitten’ is running there from time to time in the summers -as a public attraction. I will post photos of that train too later.. But I was happy to find also some of my fav subjects here too; rusty, almost hidden rails and station details from ole times!..

Check out my ‘Trains, stations and rails’ album.