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March 20, 2018 I had to drive 3 hours up north here in Norway to the Elverum area in Hedmark.In order to collect a new fridge needed in my camper at Hvaler. So.. not a photo-trip actually but of course I don't go that far without my camera! So even if it was a rather hasty trip I was lucky. Discovered an old industry plant in Jømne; Jømna Brug. I also passed frozen power plant -and when taking a wrong but most lucky turn ) I even passed our grand old distillery Løiten Brænderi! 

As usual most of the shots are also to be found in my other albums -but collected here.

Today’s post is one of those I find hard to put in a category.. and when I wonder if the term ‘topo’ is the right one -the confusion is usually biggest ) .. I think it’s a man made landscape but it’s also full of those lovely eye-catching elements that have none or a lot of business in the scenery..).. So! -I put it in both these albums!:

Misc. eye catching elements / objects

Man altered / suburban landscapes (topo)

The subject ‘Man made / altered landscape’ is something I too often forget -I think -to stop and photograph when out driving for instance.. On this drive to Sørumsand I did stop though to shoot this fun sign and the charming old building. I also thought the big Ferris wheel at Momarken fairground looked nice rising in and among the autumn trees…
I would like to go more for such suburban, mundane landscape shots in the future -and see how it comes out..

Man altered (suburban) landscapes