Category: Sea and coast

Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) Jan 2020

Travelling -as usual -I should say -to Gran Canaria in January 2020. Only this time I did something new -rented a car! So this time it became quite some more than just sand and beaches. Together with friends I had a great trip up in the mountains -and saw nature and mountain layers I had […]

New travel-album; Tenerife 2019

As being retired me and my wife have now more leisure time on our hands. That means mostly sun and beaches -but for me it’s also important to check and look for other interesting subjects for my camera! In September 2019 we went to Tenerife -stayed in Los Christianos and visited Los Gigantes. Both nice […]

Leaving Lofoten

Actually when writing this -Jan. 17 2019 -I’m on quite another trip than up north in Norway. I’m in a small hotel apartment in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. But we can’t spend all the time on the beach, can we.. -so I still work on the many shots I took on my sept. 2018 road […]

Approaching Henningsvær

On my roadtrip up north in Norway sept. 2018 -my albums are about to reach Henningsvær in Lofoten. I didn’t sped the night there but passed the road sign.. and stepped on the brakes -backed up and turned to follow the road there… a decision I did not regret!! Henningsvær is a small place -actually […]


On my trip to Northern Norway Sept. 2018 I have finally arrived Lofoten. And Svolvær is my first stop. I spent the night in one of the old fisherman’s cabins there -all those cabins are now upgraded of course for tourists and travellers! 🙂 -and equipped with every modern need. But the old walls and […]

Along Glomma river – Torp

On a day late in November I went for a short drive to Torp & Sellebakk -places very close to where I live. Just to see if something useful for my camera might show up. There’s a walk path along the east side of the river Glomma there. Though walking is not too good for […]

Old wreck – Hvaler

I spend so much spare time at Hvaler -and have seen this old wreck many times.. but it was just a few weeks ago I relized I actually had never shot it!.. That day I only had my cell phone with me so it had to do the trick.. but I will get back there […]