Category: Sea and coast

Approaching Henningsvær

On my roadtrip up north in Norway sept. 2018 -my albums are about to reach Henningsvær in Lofoten. I didn’t sped the night there but passed the road sign.. and stepped on the brakes -backed up and turned to follow the road there… a decision I did not regret!! Henningsvær is a small place -actually […]

Along Glomma river – Torp

Due to a major upgrade / change of layout-plugin Nov-09-2018 might older links inside the blog articles from here -no longer work. (I plan on. maybe.. fixing them all -but it will take  while)… sorry. On a day late in November I went for a short drive to Torp & Sellebakk -places very close to […]

Old wreck – Hvaler

I spend so much spare time at Hvaler -and have seen this old wreck many times.. but it was just a few weeks ago I relized I actually had never shot it!.. That day I only had my cell phone with me so it had to do the trick.. but I will get back there […]
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