In september this year -2018 -I was so lucky to be invited inside the area -and even inside a couple of buildings -at the beautiful power station Rånåsfoss in Akershus Norway. I have some great friends to thank for this as they had connections there.

The photos from this visit can be view in the album:


The album have just started up now and new photos will be added when they are ready!…

A hasty trip to Elverum, Hedmark



March 20, 2018 I had to drive 3 hours up north here in Norway to the Elverum area in Hedmark.In order to collect a new fridge needed in my camper at Hvaler. So.. not a photo-trip actually but of course I don't go that far without my camera! So even if it was a rather hasty trip I was lucky. Discovered an old industry plant in Jømne; Jømna Brug. I also passed frozen power plant -and when taking a wrong but most lucky turn ) I even passed our grand old distillery Løiten Brænderi! 

As usual most of the shots are also to be found in my other albums -but collected here.

A small walk in the old FMV area Fredrikstad Feb 10 2018

Some impulsive visits are often the best ones.. like this day when I decided to visit an old, well known area in one of my home towns: Fredrikstad. I discover that it’s both good and important to revisit places you have enjoyed earlier again -as we often see things from another perspective or with ‘new’ experienced eyes 🙂 -Places can change too -more or less. Beside -this old shipyard is soon to be all gone I’ve heard 🙁 -so I will memorize it like this the best I can…. There are also quite a lot of shots from around there in my other albums –Fredrikstad or Industry Fredrikstad # 1 or # 2!

A little Øra visit

Øra industrial area in Fredrikstad, just a couple of miles from where I live, is visited from time to time. Not only is it a fairly big area but I often find new plants or part of such -almost every time I go there.. Or I hope to find details that I have not noticed earlier.. 
This -and more to come the next days -are shot in the end of oct-17. -Visit my album:

Industry Fredrikstad 2


On my trip some miles north this year -right after passing Sørumsand -I also stopped by a lovely power station; Bingsfoss. Usually our power stations looks like old castles but this one started up in 1977 so actually rather new.. -more photos from there will be added the next few days..

Check my album Misc. industry

Industry Greåker

Greåker -where I live -just a small place very close to Sarpsborg -but actually quite big in industry -specially old plants. Guess I over the years have been so used to see most of it -but I recently learned that I’ve been passing some without noticing! A dear flickr friend and clever photographer -Astrid Westvang -have been visiting this areas a few times though and done quite some great shots! -and by that helped me find more treasures right outside my door -after I saw her flickr posts! Thanks Astrid! -you have ‘guided’ me earlier too -in my own territory..;)..

Album; industry Sarpsborg area

Check out the industry areas, plants and landscape in Sarpsborg, Greåker and surroundings: