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San Agustin og Fredrikstad

Another trip to the Gran Canaria took place for me October. This time I stayed in the area og San Agustin. I had been visiting that place before but never stayed there until now.  The photos from there have been put in Gran Canaria 2019 In October this year I also took a small autumn […]

Tall Ships Races 2019

In July 2019 my home town Fredrikstad had the pleasure of receiving a big number of proud, tall and beautiful ships. As being one of the hosts for the traditional Tall Ships Race. You can read about this race / show in Wikipedia (starts in Norwegian but other languages can be selected in the left […]

Dødsing (Death Diving) in Fredrikstad

In June 2019 -in connection to the ‘Glomma Festival’ -one of the attractions was a Death-diving (dødsing) show -from the pedestrian bridge over the river Glomma. Death diving was -as far as I know -‘invented’ in Norway some years ago -and looks both crazy and dangerous. But it’s not they say -when done right.  Young […]

Action in Fredrikstad

On June 27 2019 our military forces had a fascinating drill just above my head so to say -where I live.. With my fine super zoom camera I got a few nice shots of the choppers and soldiers showing us that they are well prepared ) The album

Collection: Abandoned hospital Fredrikstad

The old hospital ‘Sentralsykehuset Østfold’ have moved to Kalnes outside Sarpsborg. And the old hospital in Fredrikstad is abandoned and in an early decay. One fine grey day in Feb. 2019 I took a walk around the area and did some photos -while it’s still in this exciting stage! 🙂   Though the shots can […]

A misty day around the Kråkerøy bridge – Fredrikstad

On February 27 I went for a small walk in the mist -close to where I live in Fredrikstad actually -in the area around the bride over to Kråkerøy. We locals call this bridge ‘Kråkerøybrua’ -and is a Bascule bridge. The operating hut you see is now empty though.. This bridge and one more in […]

By the railway station; Fredrikstad

After reading in the local newspaper about a not very good looking apartment block in Fredrikstad -I went there to have a look. Quite amazing actually as it does seems partly abandoned and ‘decorated’. Not very well maintained either to put it mildly. Seems to be some sort of problem house for the local council as […]

Isegran February 2018

Isegran is a small ‘corner’ by the Glomma river -in the middle of Fredrikstad city, Norway. A visit there almost never fails -so of course I take a little walk there from time to time. And this day; feb 22 2018 I was real lucky! Discovered a small area I had not seen earlier.. a […]

A small walk in the old FMV area Fredrikstad Feb 10 2018

Some impulsive visits are often the best ones.. like this day when I decided to visit an old, well known area in one of my home towns: Fredrikstad. I discover that it’s both good and important to revisit places you have enjoyed earlier again -as we often see things from another perspective or with ‘new’ […]