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The old hospital 'Sentralsykehuset Østfold' have moved to Kalnes outside Sarpsborg. And the old hospital in Fredrikstad is abandoned and in an early decay.

One fine grey day in Feb. 2019 I took a walk around the area and did some photos -while it's still in this exciting stage! 🙂


Though the shots can be found also in Fredrikstad # 3 -I made this collection from that day.

Gamle Sykehuset Østfold, Fredrikstad

On February 27 I went for a small walk in the mist -close to where I live in Fredrikstad actually -in the area around the bride over to Kråkerøy. We locals call this bridge 'Kråkerøybrua' -and is a Bascule bridge. The operating hut you see is now empty though.. This bridge and one more in Fredrikstad + several others around in Norway -are operated from a central in Oslo! Mostly this works ok -BUT the pedestrian bridge stopped a bicycle race last year when it was accidentally opened! 🙂 ...

Anyway -misty weather does magic for photos even in our most well known areas I think.. 

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Kråkerøy bridge

After reading in the local newspaper about a not very good looking apartment block in Fredrikstad -I went there to have a look. Quite amazing actually as it does seems partly abandoned and ‘decorated’. Not very well maintained either to put it mildly. Seems to be some sort of problem house for the local council as the owner can’t be bothered with it….. 
Not good for the city but still good for my camera. But I found the contrast between that ugly block and the old beautiful house beside it fascinating. 

A parking house near by was also interesting for my lense!

The photos is to be found HERE and HERE.

Isegran is a small ‘corner’ by the Glomma river -in the middle of Fredrikstad city, Norway. A visit there almost never fails -so of course I take a little walk there from time to time. And this day; feb 22 2018 I was real lucky! Discovered a small area I had not seen earlier.. a big boathouse with an old boat wreck -and a small hut outside. Very nice for me and my camera!..)..
Most of the photos here can also be found in other albums.

Some impulsive visits are often the best ones.. like this day when I decided to visit an old, well known area in one of my home towns: Fredrikstad. I discover that it’s both good and important to revisit places you have enjoyed earlier again -as we often see things from another perspective or with ‘new’ experienced eyes 🙂 -Places can change too -more or less. Beside -this old shipyard is soon to be all gone I’ve heard 🙁 -so I will memorize it like this the best I can…. There are also quite a lot of shots from around there in my other albums –Fredrikstad or Industry Fredrikstad # 1 or # 2!

Feb 07:
The same day as under; Jan. 30. -I also wen to the docks in Fredrikstad to catch some winter atmosphere.. Charming boat details is what caught my eye just then -but also the light and frost along the Glomma river..

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Feb 06:
Driving my wife to the city of Fredrikstad now and then can have it’s advantages.. This morning the light and tones were just right! -and there was also some light mist coming and going… So I actually brought back home a few good shots that day; Jan. 30.

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On a day late in November I went for a short drive to Torp & Sellebakk -places very close to where I live. Just to see if something useful for my camera might show up. There’s a walk path along the east side of the river Glomma there. Though walking is not too good for me these days -due to his bad back I’m struggling with -I stopped the car here and there for short visits down to the path. And since long walks are bad -I must do the most and best out of the short ones I manage -and use my eyes real well! )

I actually did find a few nice views that day -and also a couple of exciting elements. I will add those findings in the album link below the next few days:

Østfold coastline (Glomma river)

Just as I was walking around looking for more old houses or strange things that I have overlooked earlier in this exciting area -this old US car came slooooowly around the corner! I took this shot from my hip -in a hurry )..  But the guys in it were real nice and said I could take some more photos when after they parked near by -and I did! So more to come here:

Vehicles & trailers

In the city where I was born I actually still discover now and then interesting buildings and facades that I earlier have just passed by.. Like the other day when I suddenly saw these fascinating, older architecture as I parked my car! Very pleasing! 🙂

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A nice little street art in the same yard:

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