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Onsøy; Old train station and some lovely decay near by

One day in the end of March 2019 I decided to visit the old, abandoned train station in Onsøy, just outside Fredrikstad. And what do you know! I also discovered this lovely decay from some old garage or something.. some sort of industry it have used to be. A real lucky visit! The albums are […]

Collection: Abandoned hospital Fredrikstad

The old hospital ‘Sentralsykehuset Østfold’ have moved to Kalnes outside Sarpsborg. And the old hospital in Fredrikstad is abandoned and in an early decay. One fine grey day in Feb. 2019 I took a walk around the area and did some photos -while it’s still in this exciting stage! 🙂   Though the shots can […]

By the railway station; Fredrikstad

After reading in the local newspaper about a not very good looking apartment block in Fredrikstad -I went there to have a look. Quite amazing actually as it does seems partly abandoned and ‘decorated’. Not very well maintained either to put it mildly. Seems to be some sort of problem house for the local council as […]

A small walk in the old FMV area Fredrikstad Feb 10 2018

Some impulsive visits are often the best ones.. like this day when I decided to visit an old, well known area in one of my home towns: Fredrikstad. I discover that it’s both good and important to revisit places you have enjoyed earlier again -as we often see things from another perspective or with ‘new’ […]

Puerto Rico battlefield

On my last trip to Puerto Rico Dec 2017 – Jan 18 I came across this interesting place there.. well -‘came across’ isn’t quite true as I knew it was there from earlier -seen it for years actually -but didn’t think of going there taking photos until now! Can you believe!! -It’s this thing about […]

Abandoned corner

Sometimes when out driving and have some time on my hands and fancy a little detour.. I try some ‘hidden’ narrow roads that I actually can’t remember noticing before -though even they are not far from where I live.. This is an example -a lovely old decay -in the Rolvsøy area between Greåker and Fredrikstad. My […]

What used to be on the roads

-you now often find along the roads.. And do I feel lucky when I see some on my drives! These I saw on the trip up to Årnes & Sørumsand in september -and to my passengers confusion I stepped on the brakes and run out to bring them with me 🙂 Vehicles and trailers

Old wreck – Hvaler

I spend so much spare time at Hvaler -and have seen this old wreck many times.. but it was just a few weeks ago I relized I actually had never shot it!.. That day I only had my cell phone with me so it had to do the trick.. but I will get back there […]