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In september this year -2018 -I was so lucky to be invited inside the area -and even inside a couple of buildings -at the beautiful power station Rånåsfoss in Akershus Norway. I have some great friends to thank for this as they had connections there. The photos from this visit can be view in the […]

A hasty trip to Elverum, Hedmark

    March 20, 2018 I had to drive 3 hours up north here in Norway to the Elverum area in Hedmark.In order to collect a new fridge needed in my camper at Hvaler. So.. not a photo-trip actually but of course I don’t go that far without my camera! So even if it was […]

Bridge on the rocks

Also today I found a photo that’s been hiding from me since last year.. -ok, I forgot it ) -but it does deserve a place in my album: Misc. heavy constructions ..I think.. It’s in Sarpsborg where I live and from a little walk I did under the highway there then.. You will find more […]