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Onsøy; Old train station and some lovely decay near by

One day in the end of March 2019 I decided to visit the old, abandoned train station in Onsøy, just outside Fredrikstad. And what do you know! I also discovered this lovely decay from some old garage or something.. some sort of industry it have used to be. A real lucky visit! The albums are […]

Collection: Abandoned hospital Fredrikstad

The old hospital ‘Sentralsykehuset Østfold’ have moved to Kalnes outside Sarpsborg. And the old hospital in Fredrikstad is abandoned and in an early decay. One fine grey day in Feb. 2019 I took a walk around the area and did some photos -while it’s still in this exciting stage! 🙂   Though the shots can […]

Buildings in Fredrikstad

In the city where I was born I actually still discover now and then interesting buildings and facades that I earlier have just passed by.. Like the other day when I suddenly saw these fascinating, older architecture as I parked my car! Very pleasing! 🙂 Visit my album Facades & buildings # 2 A nice little […]

First post

-and maybe my last -who knows 🙂 -Not sure actually why I suddenly decided to make a blog and speak some more.. -maybe the fact that my health is not what it used to be -and because of that I’m not able to get around as much as I’d like to -to go photo hunting.. […]