Collection: Abandoned hospital Fredrikstad

The old hospital 'Sentralsykehuset Østfold' have moved to Kalnes outside Sarpsborg. And the old hospital in Fredrikstad is abandoned and in an early decay.

One fine grey day in Feb. 2019 I took a walk around the area and did some photos -while it's still in this exciting stage! 🙂


Though the shots can be found also in Fredrikstad # 3 -I made this collection from that day.

Gamle Sykehuset Østfold, Fredrikstad

First post

-and maybe my last -who knows 🙂 -Not sure actually why I suddenly decided to make a blog and speak some more.. -maybe the fact that my health is not what it used to be -and because of that I’m not able to get around as much as I’d like to -to go photo hunting.. So having some more time on my hands then…
Anyway -this latest webpage of mine -using WordPress as platform as of dec 2016 -have opened more possibilities too and as I’ve explained earlier I like to ‘mess’ with my page an explore more options and so..
The purpose of this blogg though is to chat a bit more about special or latest photos I’m pleased with at the moment -why I’m pleased -or why I have to be pleased due to a bad back and a generally fading health and accelerating age 🙂 .. So -here I present a couple of recent shots -in this my first post:
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As mentioned I’m not often that much around these days -so I have to make the best of things and try to discover new targets for my camera close to where I live. Buildings and walls are one fav subject -and I was sure happy to come across this one. Or the one and latest below in Sarpsborg -with a quite different age and style.

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