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The first island you arrive to when driving to Hvaler is Kjøkøy.

I decided to stop there one day this summer of 2018 to visit 'Skams klove' A fascinating gorge -or a little very narrow 'valley' there -called Skams klove. It's actually a little tourist attraction. There are also rests after a fortress from the WW2 just above it, but not worth photographing as there's only stones left..
The gorge is 200 meter long and about 12 m deep -and quite exciting to walk.

On my last trip to Puerto Rico Dec 2017 – Jan 18 I came across this interesting place there.. well -‘came across’ isn’t quite true as I knew it was there from earlier -seen it for years actually -but didn’t think of going there taking photos until now! Can you believe!! -It’s this thing about being blind to places you pass but don’t see
Anyway -it’s an abandoned amusement park! Did not pay off I guess so they closed it.. I saw the sign outside that something else was finally going to come there -so I ‘woke up’ and shot some photos. It was no problem getting into one area but others were closed though.
I got the sense of a battlefield in there…. exciting! 🙂

These photos might be found in different albums too -but here they can be seen in one collection.

I remember those small tivolis / fairgrounds from my childhood -and I still enjoythem a lot -people enjoying and kids havig fun ) BUT these days I enjoy them even more when they are empty or close to it! -that strange mix of emptiness and joy is really thrilling.. Some friends on flickr gave me this inspiration -some take a lot of such photos.. and whe I get the chance now I try too -Like these little series from my home place; Greåker.

The album Fairgrounds

On trip a few miles further north (than Greåker) in Norway -Sørumsand -I stopped by the old railroad station. A small train with a steam loc is running there summer times -but that day it was not there og course. BUT they were preparing a show later on so I got a few shots of the actors before moving on.. The next day I was just in time to catch the old train passing too! 🙂 .. so -more from this fabulous place later… 

Have a look at the album ‘misc. street shots’ for now..