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From time to time I’m having a drive in the beautiful landscape of Torsnes, Østfold. Lucky me to have some of my family there! ) And each time I try to use my eyes good to discover new landscape views that is worth bringing back with me.. Late in October this year I saw this charming, little house on a little hill -surrounded by autumn trees..
I will add a couple of more from Østfold later on -in my album:

Landscapes in Østfold

In the city where I was born I actually still discover now and then interesting buildings and facades that I earlier have just passed by.. Like the other day when I suddenly saw these fascinating, older architecture as I parked my car! Very pleasing! 🙂

Visit my album Facades & buildings # 2

A nice little street art in the same yard:

My album ‘Street art’

This is from my leisure place at Hvaler –and actually 0,5 sec. after I took this -heaven exploded in a big bang and a lightning showed just where you see this one.. Of course I’m never so lucky that I catch such things for real -but already there and then I decided to put one in later! 🙂 Have a look at my other

PS – works

Today’s post is one of those I find hard to put in a category.. and when I wonder if the term ‘topo’ is the right one -the confusion is usually biggest ) .. I think it’s a man made landscape but it’s also full of those lovely eye-catching elements that have none or a lot of business in the scenery..).. So! -I put it in both these albums!:

Misc. eye catching elements / objects

Man altered / suburban landscapes (topo)

Today I found this photo from a trip to Skeikampen, Norway – 2015.. -and found I had not showed it on my flickr site yet.. As I mostly like to add urban or industry shots there I thought and hoped this might be nice there as a change 🙂 ..
Peer Gynt Mountain Road is open only in the summer season, normally from the beginning of June. This trip I did in first of october. Lovely autumn colours that time of year..

Norwegian landscapes -misc.