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Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) Jan 2020

Travelling -as usual -I should say -to Gran Canaria in January 2020. Only this time I did something new -rented a car! So this time it became quite some more than just sand and beaches. Together with friends I had a great trip up in the mountains -and saw nature and mountain layers I had […]

A new activity of mine

I have for some time been experimenting with turning photos into art -like paintings or drawings.. Lately I have had lot of fun doing this -and by using different software’s I think there was time to make an album for them here -as the results are becoming quite interesting I think. And another very motivating […]

San Agustin og Fredrikstad

Another trip to the Gran Canaria took place for me October. This time I stayed in the area og San Agustin. I had been visiting that place before but never stayed there until now.  The photos from there have been put in Gran Canaria 2019 In October this year I also took a small autumn […]

New travel-album; Tenerife 2019

As being retired me and my wife have now more leisure time on our hands. That means mostly sun and beaches -but for me it’s also important to check and look for other interesting subjects for my camera! In September 2019 we went to Tenerife -stayed in Los Christianos and visited Los Gigantes. Both nice […]

Tall Ships Races 2019

In July 2019 my home town Fredrikstad had the pleasure of receiving a big number of proud, tall and beautiful ships. As being one of the hosts for the traditional Tall Ships Race. You can read about this race / show in Wikipedia (starts in Norwegian but other languages can be selected in the left […]

Dødsing (Death Diving) in Fredrikstad

In June 2019 -in connection to the ‘Glomma Festival’ -one of the attractions was a Death-diving (dødsing) show -from the pedestrian bridge over the river Glomma. Death diving was -as far as I know -‘invented’ in Norway some years ago -and looks both crazy and dangerous. But it’s not they say -when done right.  Young […]

Action in Fredrikstad

On June 27 2019 our military forces had a fascinating drill just above my head so to say -where I live.. With my fine super zoom camera I got a few nice shots of the choppers and soldiers showing us that they are well prepared ) The album