Month: November 2017

What also showed up in Vaterland that other day!

Just as I was walking around looking for more old houses or strange things that I have overlooked earlier in this exciting area -this old US car came slooooowly around the corner! I took this shot from my hip -in a hurry )..  But the guys in it were real nice and said I could […]


I visited Karlstad in Sweden for the first time in 2012 -then I was back there this year -mainly to watch a great hockey game between Färjestad and Djurgården -an anniversary match actually! -and one fabulous experience it was!! Full arena and a breathtaking atmosphere!! 🙂 But I also managed to sneak some time for […]

U16 Hockey Tournament in Helsinki – Feb 2017

When I was in Helsinki in February 2017 I was able to shoot quite some interesting photos -and have uploaded 2 albums showing some industry and around in the city earlier. I also managed to shoot some from the U16 hockey matches -which actually was the real reason I was there -to watch my grandson […]

Also in Vaterland

Just had to add this note to my previous post about what I also found on this little walk of mine in Vaterland, Fredrikstad. Close to that little brick kiosk there was an old warehouse with lot of old (boat)machine parts & details outside. Machinery album

Walking in Vaterland, Fredrikstad

I’m not build for long walks these days, therefore my close and well known areas will have to do.. and wouldn’t you know! -that not long ago I discovered this small place by the Glomma river; Vaterland -the old part of the city’s east side. I have seen it from the west side but never […]

A little Øra visit

Øra industrial area in Fredrikstad, just a couple of miles from where I live, is visited from time to time. Not only is it a fairly big area but I often find new plants or part of such -almost every time I go there.. Or I hope to find details that I have not noticed […]


From time to time I’m having a drive in the beautiful landscape of Torsnes, Østfold. Lucky me to have some of my family there! ) And each time I try to use my eyes good to discover new landscape views that is worth bringing back with me.. Late in October this year I saw this […]

Buildings in Fredrikstad

In the city where I was born I actually still discover now and then interesting buildings and facades that I earlier have just passed by.. Like the other day when I suddenly saw these fascinating, older architecture as I parked my car! Very pleasing! 🙂 Visit my album Facades & buildings # 2 A nice little […]

Abandoned corner

Sometimes when out driving and have some time on my hands and fancy a little detour.. I try some ‘hidden’ narrow roads that I actually can’t remember noticing before -though even they are not far from where I live.. This is an example -a lovely old decay -in the Rolvsøy area between Greåker and Fredrikstad. My […]