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Just as I was walking around looking for more old houses or strange things that I have overlooked earlier in this exciting area -this old US car came slooooowly around the corner! I took this shot from my hip -in a hurry )..  But the guys in it were real nice and said I could take some more photos when after they parked near by -and I did! So more to come here:

Vehicles & trailers

I visited Karlstad in Sweden for the first time in 2012 -then I was back there this year -mainly to watch a great hockey game between Färjestad and Djurgården -an anniversary match actually! -and one fabulous experience it was!! Full arena and a breathtaking atmosphere!! 🙂
But I also managed to sneak some time for a few photos around town.. even though I also this time went with friends..).. Only one for now, but:

My album Karlstad will be updated in the next days with those.

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When I was in Helsinki in February 2017 I was able to shoot quite some interesting photos -and have uploaded 2 albums showing some industry and around in the city earlier. I also managed to shoot some from the U16 hockey matches -which actually was the real reason I was there -to watch my grandson play for the Norwegian National Team U16!! 🙂 And now I finally made this album showing the photos I think are worth showing -as I’m not that much of an action / sport photographer I’m afraid, that’s why it have taken this long ) ..

U16 Hockey tournament Helsinki Feb 2017

I’m not build for long walks these days, therefore my close and well known areas will have to do.. and wouldn’t you know! -that not long ago I discovered this small place by the Glomma river; Vaterland -the old part of the city’s east side.
I have seen it from the west side but never thought of going there. Glad I did! Found charming old buildings there and this ‘hut’ etc.
I will put some shots -also later -in:

Fredrikstad # 2

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Man altered / suburban landscapes

-and other albums too later -follow my front page.

From time to time I’m having a drive in the beautiful landscape of Torsnes, Østfold. Lucky me to have some of my family there! ) And each time I try to use my eyes good to discover new landscape views that is worth bringing back with me.. Late in October this year I saw this charming, little house on a little hill -surrounded by autumn trees..
I will add a couple of more from Østfold later on -in my album:

Landscapes in Østfold

In the city where I was born I actually still discover now and then interesting buildings and facades that I earlier have just passed by.. Like the other day when I suddenly saw these fascinating, older architecture as I parked my car! Very pleasing! 🙂

Visit my album Facades & buildings # 2

A nice little street art in the same yard:

My album ‘Street art’